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Illinois Gun Law: Armed And Educated

Copy of Michigan Gun Law: Armed And Educated
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The law in Illinois can seem like a maze that is confusing, hard to understand, and in some cases, completely arbitrary. The First Edition of Illinois Gun Law: Armed & Educated is a one-volume guide to the laws and questions most commonly asked about by gun owners in the state, including:

  • Can I leave my gun in my car in a school zone?
  • Is it legal to buy a gun in a ”private sale?”
  • What are the laws on open carry?
  • How do I know if I’m legally justified to use deadly force?

 Get the answers you need to carry confidently from lawyers who have extensive experience with gun laws. Written in simple English (not legalese!), Illinois Gun Law: Armed & Educated explains complicated laws in a way everyone can understand. Learn and protect your rights now with Illinois Gun Law: Armed & Educated from U.S. LawShield®.

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